About Us

John and Liz are on the path at EdgarCayceRemedy.com
Where healing waters run deep. . .
In life we sometimes experience our deepest awakenings,
In the throws and undertows of life's currents.
In our deepest awakenings, we do what is needed for good health.

We are updating our website to be mobile friendly. Most of our products are available to order on this website.

John and Liz have experienced healing waters running deep in our lives 
and have discovered that Edgar Cayce Remedies offer alternative historical significance to timeless Edgar Cayce Remedies from Edgar Cayce Readings and the Edgar Cayce Health Database, as well as many writings which people have written.
We are here to support your health and well being
and would like to assist you.

We are committed to offering products for well being
that we think are good for most people,
and offering information on these products in clear - easy to understand ways.

For more information or any suggestions that you have on our site, please contact us.

To order products that are not yet on this website, please go to our other website: NaturalAlternativePath.com